Weight Management in El Paso, TX

Weight management is key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle and staying within a desired weight bracket. The challenge often lies not just in shedding pounds but in maintaining that weight loss. At El Paso Men's & Women's Clinic, our team adopts a holistic approach to your well-being, blending traditional medical care with complementary therapies to support you in achieving your goal weight and feeling your best. We offer weight management services designed to foster lifestyle adjustments conducive to gradual and consistent weight reduction with the ultimate aim of enhancing your overall health. Effective weight management at the clinic not only helps in reducing the risk of chronic conditions, like diabetes and hypertension, but also aids in managing them more effectively if they're already present. Contact our office in El Paso, TX to learn more about our weight management services.

During your weight management consultation at El Paso Men's & Women's Clinic, a thorough assessment will be performed. The team will engage in a detailed conversation about your weight-related issues and objectives, past dieting experiences, as well as your regular dietary intake and physical activity levels. In addition, we'll look into your medical and family histories and conduct a physical examination. We may also perform diagnostic tests to uncover any underlying health conditions that could be impacting your weight. Following your evaluation, the team will discuss their findings with you and collaborate to develop a personalized strategy aimed at achieving your weight target. To ensure optimal results, your weight management plan at El Paso Men's & Women's Clinic might include a mix of supportive measures, such as a customized nutrition plan, a workout regimen that fits your lifestyle, hormone replacement therapy, prescription weight loss medication, or behavioral therapy to support habit changes. The clinic schedules ongoing check-ins to track your progress, celebrate your successes, and assist you in overcoming any challenges. The focus is on making incremental, sustainable changes to your lifestyle to enable slow, consistent weight loss and to maintain that loss over the long term.

Effective weight management goes beyond the scale; it's about cultivating a healthier lifestyle that benefits both body and mind. Here are the key advantages of maintaining a healthy weight with the help of a weight management program from El Paso Men's & Women's Clinic:

  • Reduces the risk of chronic conditions, like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
  • Boosts energy levels and improves physical mobility
  • Enhances sleep quality and lowers the chances of developing sleep apnea
  • Positively impacts mental health, increasing self-esteem and confidence
  • Decreases stress on joints, potentially preventing osteoarthritis
  • Aids in the regulation of hormones within the body
  • Can lead to a longer lifespan and overall better quality of life

Amazing Doctor! Great staff! Highly recommend!!!

A.A. Google

He is the best physician I have .He is very caring and encouraging doctor.Thank you doctor Leo.

M.A. Yelp

Absolutely adore Dr. Altenberg and his entire staff. Everyone is friendly & welcoming. Dr. Altenberg is professional, yet holds nothing back. If you want a doctor to tell you the truth & how it is, this is your guy. I respect him and his staff for being honest, kind, informative, motivating and prompt with appointment times.

B.E. Google

Dr. Altenberg is my new primary care doctor. I switched because with my old primary care doctor, I saw PA’s for 2 years. My wait in the waiting room and the examine room was short. He took his time to understand my issues and asked probing questions to better determine what next steps should be. He did not immediately prescribe unnecessary pills. Rather he is doing extensive blood work and muscosketal X-rays. He also wants to know specifically what existing conditions I have and what my parents died of which will also help him. His office staff have been very helpful on the phone and in the office. I highly recommend Dr. Altenberg and his great staff.

T.C. Google

Very professional, goes through your labs meticulously, very nice

H.J. Google


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If you are unable to keep a steady weight, consider seeking help at El Paso Men's & Women's Clinic. With our guided instructions and personalized weight management plans, you can shed pounds through safe, effective methods. Dr. Leo Altenberg and his team have helped many El Paso, TX individuals achieve optimal wellness through weight management therapies.

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